Reggie Bullock
Reggie Bullock
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Q&A With Reggie Bullock
Release: 10/16/2012
by Abbey Doran, UNC Athletic Communications

On expectations that he and other Tar Heel wingmen have gained experience and will blossom this year:

"I'm excited about it. I believe my game is going to blossom, and a lot of people are going to be able to see that. It's going to be the same game that I play, but I believe it's going to be more of an all-around year for me."

Is there a way to carry over how well you finished last year in the tournament?

"It was a confidence booster for me last year, moving to the starting lineup. I just have to be able to carry that over into this season, and lead by example, and hopefully the younger guys will be able to pick up with me."

On being bigger than most teams on the perimeter:

"I believe there's not going to be a lot of guards that we match up against that are going to be our height, so I believe we're going to have that advantage in getting rebounds from the guard position."

Considering the possibility of ever playing forward:

"If I was the forward, I'd probably love that because I'm actually a wingman. So I were to play forward, I'd probably be able to have a fun night with that.  I believe that it would be a challenge for me, keeping them off the boards. "

Bullock's primary focus during the offseason:

"My primary area of focus during the offseason was probably just getting my body right, and becoming an all-around player... getting to the rack, being able to put the ball on the floor and pull up for a 17-footer, being a team rebounder and ball handler."

Were the injuries on the team last year that allowed for more playing time a blessing in disguise?

"It was definitely a blessing in disguise because it was a confidence booster for me to see that I can play with those guys. The players I played with were great players and taught me a lot. They moved on and now it's my turn to help the younger guys. If I lead by example, the younger guys will pick it up quickly."

Expectations for the younger players on the team

Marcus: "He's a great point guard. He can shoot the ball very well, and he can get a lot of steals."

J.P.: "He's very athletic. He can be a big-time rebounder and defender."

Brice: "He can shoot the three-ball. He's long and can get a lot of offensive rebounds."

Joel: "He sets great screens. He can score the ball down low at will, and he can run the floor well. He can play great defense."

The last time this many players departed, it was a disappointing season for Carolina basketball. How do you keep that from happening again this year?

"It starts at practice and not thinking about the future- basically just taking it day by day and believing in our team that we can go far. If everything works out, our team will succeed."

What's the excitement on the team having both Dexter and Leslie back this year?

"It means a lot. I haven't played on the court with Leslie since my freshman year, so having him come back is going to mean a lot because he can shoot the ball, he can defend, he definitely spreads the floor for a lot of things, and he's a leader on this team. Having another leader out there with me on the court, it's going to mean a lot to this team."

Do you think Joel is ready to play a significant role?"Yeah, he definitely is.  He was highly recruited coming out of high school, he's a big man, and can run the floor well. He's got a nice, soft touch around the basket, and he's definitely ACC material."

Who takes the last shot now?"In a late-game situation, it'd be whomever coach called the play for. Whoever the hot man is, coach will go with him. He'll probably go with a veteran. It'll probably be between me, McAdoo, Marcus possibly. It wasn't a question before because we had Harrison, but this year we can go with a lot of different things. If coach called my name to step up and take that shot, I'm going to be able to step up and take it."

What determines who the leaders are on this team?"Who knows the game, and knows exactly what coach wants. Someone who is a leader on and off the court, somebody that the younger guys look up to. Somebody that just performs and does it in the games. It's not all about talk, but about performing in the game."

Who are the leaders this year?

"Me, McAdoo, Jackson Simmons, he does it on and off the court, and in practice he's pushing us down on the floor, and Leslie. Those are the leaders on this team."

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