Fedora's Plans Unchanged
Release: 10/03/2012

By Megan Walsh, GoHeels.com

Virginia Tech, with its traditionally dominant defense, imposing quarterback and always dangerous special teams play, remains Larry Fedora's focus as the Tar Heels prepare for the Hokies' visit to Chapel Hill.

But following Wednesday's practice, Fedora was asked about an ACC ruling that schools deemed ineligible for the postseason by the NCAA cannot be recognized as regular-season or divisional champions.  Despite the ruling, Fedora said competing for the Coastal Division is still on Carolina's to-do list.

"I never expected them to (vote otherwise)," Fedora said. "We're going to compete for it. That's still our goal. One way or another that's the way we're going to look at it, so it doesn't change anything for us.  The key is doing it. But we've got to worry about this one (against Virginia Tech). That's all that matters."

After a commanding 66-0 victory against Idaho, Fedora and defensive coordinator Dan Disch said preparing UNC's confidence for the adversity of a difficult ACC opponent has been key this week in practice.

Virginia Tech will bring strengths ranging from a solid defense to a 6-foot-6, 260 pound quarterback in Logan Thomas to Kenan Stadium on Saturday.

But the Tar Heels are ready to rise to that challenge.

"Our confidence is up and our kids know we can compete at that level," Disch said. "They've proven it in parts of every game we've played in, but what we've got to do is sustain it for four quarters and prove we can do it when things are going against us.

"That's our big challenge. This team is obviously going to make some plays on us, and we've got to be able to respond."

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