Roy Williams
Roy Williams
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Doctors: Williams' Tumor Not Cancerous
Release: 09/25/2012
CHAPEL HILL - University of North Carolina men's basketball coach Roy Williams had a tumor surgically removed from his right kidney on Sept. 19.  An analysis of the tumor has determined it to be benign.  The tumor is an oncocytoma (pronounced ON-ko-sigh-TOE-muh), which is a benign tumor of the kidney that is often indistinguishable from kidney cancer on x-rays.  These tumors do not spread, unlike cancerous tumors.
As previously announced, Williams also has a tumor on his left kidney. Doctors say that because the tumor on his right kidney was an oncocytoma, there is a good chance that the tumor on the left kidney is the same. Therefore, doctors will perform a biopsy of the left kidney tumor next week. If that tumor is also an oncocytoma, a second surgery would not be needed.
"We are pleased with how well Coach Williams is doing.  If everything continues to progress as expected, he should be back to his normal activities soon," says Dr. Eric Wallen, professor of urology at UNC, who led the surgical team.
"Number one, I want to express how overwhelmed I have been by the outpouring of support, concern and good wishes by everyone, especially members of the Carolina Basketball family," says Williams. "I've just been blown away by the calls, cards, prayers and well-wishes from people all around the world in and out of the basketball community. My family and I are thankful to all that have expressed your concerns.
"I also want to thank the entire medical team and staff at UNC Health Care.  The treatment and care were exceptional. My family and I also deeply appreciate the support shown to us. As someone who spends every day stressing the value and importance of a team, I can confidently say that UNC Health Care has an extraordinary team. I can't thank them enough.
"There is still work to be done, but we will continue to deal with that over the next few weeks and get through it with the help of first-rate medical care and the continued support of my family and our extended family and friends through Carolina Basketball."

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