Postgame Quotes
Release: 11/09/2012





North Carolina coach Carlos Somoano

Opening Statement:

"Had a great game plan, made us work and dig everything out of ourselves that we could and I think we did the same to them.  Wish them the best of luck in the NCAA tournament but, I'm very proud to advance and proud of our guys for once again finding a way to get through."

On team's experience in a shoot-out:

"I'm not sure, I mean it's different for everybody.  Robbie [Lovejoy] missed his today, he's an experienced player, and some other guys took their first ones and made it.  I think it's just, we go into the PKs thinking we're going to give it our best shot and we're not going to have any regrets at the end of the day and we're not go up there and take our shots in fear of missing them and we know it could go either way on any given day but, our guys also know if they miss, the next guy's going to be there for them or Scott's going to be there for them...I think we go into that comfortable that we're all there for each other and that's the most important thing."   

North Carolina senior goalkeeper, Scott Goodwin

On the shootout: 

"The biggest thing is to just to take it one shot at a time, if the first few get away on you, you have to focus on the next one and stick to the game plan and give it your best shot every time."

On being back in the ACC Championship after last year:

It's big time, I don't think we can, I don't really want to go back to last year.  The fact that we've come so far this year and our hard work, we've really earned this and really just found a way to fight it out and our defense has been absolutely solid. Its been solid since I've been here at UNC but this year especially they've just been excellent the entire year and I'm looking forward to keeping that going.

UNC North Carolina Men's Soccer

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