UNC-Florida Atlantic Quotes
Release: 11/11/2012

CHAPEL HILL - Postgame quotes from Carolina's win over Florida Atlantic:

UNC Head Coach Roy Williams: 

Opening Statement

"I think we got a heck of a lot better as a team today. To shoot 34% in the first half and then shoot 55% in the second half, I told those last five guys who were 0-3 in the last minute they were killing our field goal percentage. I do think we got better as a team. I think we were better defensively. I did lose it a couple of times out there today because of just silly mistakes, but the two guys I was yelling at, it was their second college game. But I think if you just allow freshman to make mistakes and don't correct them and don't correct them in a sometimes very vigorous manner, then they don't remember it. I do believe we got better, but we need to get better because things start really getting drastically higher competition-wise when we get rolling now."

On the low free throw percentage

"We shot 200 free throws in a four day period last week. The lowest [percentage] on our team was 63%. 16 guys, 14 of them were above 77%. You have to make them... Dexter is a really good free throw shooter and he was 2-6.  It's just something where we have to get better."

On Reggie Bullock's performance

"He took the shots that were there. The first one was a penetration-pitch and he was wide open from three, then he got a steal and laid it up, and then made another three at the top of the key. All of those are within what we're trying to do."

On what he hopes to learn over the next two weeks

"I hope to learn that we're good. The toughness, we're getting better at that. We have to be more attentive to the detail. You know, James Michael...he takes more charges than anybody else on the team. We have to get some guys to stand up and be able to take charges. We have to be more consistent moving the ball and moving without the ball. The number one thing is just to get smoother offensively."



Reggie Bullock:

On getting more shots: "It starts with my teammates, just getting me open. If I'm open, I'm going to shoot the ball."

On his role as a leader: "It's still something I'm growing into. It just can't happen overnight. I saw the things Tyler Zeller did last year in leading our team by example, and so I'm just trying to follow his footsteps by being a leader for this team."

On the team: "I think it's coming along. There are still some people we're trying to figure out what we're going to need from them this season, whether is offensive rebounds or defensive rebounds, or just playing defense or being a spot up shooter. I think people are still growing into their roles, but as we keep practicing, I believe those wrinkles will just come out."

On teammate James Michael McAdoo: "He's one of our primary scorers down low, so we know he's going to take shots. We just have to try and help him out. The wing players, when they get the ball, they just have to try and be aggressive and make a move quickly."

Joel James:

On improving since last game: "Coach said in the locker room that we've gotten better from last game to this game, but obviously there's a lot of room for improvement. Basketball is a game of constantly improving. I know myself, and I know I'm constantly improving, but there's some things that are just stupid. That was just stupid, that's all. As the season goes on I'll get better."

On his role on the team: "Obviously I'm the biggest guy on the team, weight and size, so I just feel like I need to play in the paint."

On teammates Reggie Bullock and James Michael McAdoo: "It's great. Reggie has been here for three years, and Mac has been here for two, so obviously they're very experienced players and they know a lot about the game. I'm still very young to the game. I started in tenth grade. So their mentality, their approach to the game is much different than mine. I just try to be a sponge and soak up as much as I can when they offer it to me."

James Michael McAdoo:

On teammate Reggie Bullock: "I think he did a great job. He had a phenomenal game. I think that just came with him having that confidence and really just going out there and relying on us. I think we set him great screens, got up, we ran. I feel like the low post guys really helped open it up for him. They couldn't really key on us too much because they were making such good shots."

On building their confidence: "It's definitely been a confidence booster. I had a good game on Friday. Today I feel like I played pretty well, so it's definitely helping me learn more about myself and what I'm capable of doing."



Florida Atlantic Head Coach Mike Jarvis

Opening Statement

"It's a 40-minute game.  20 minutes, minutes here; minutes there isn't good enough.  It's 40 minutes.  The reason why we came and the reason why we played is to see how much work we have to do.  They're not a great North Carolina team, not yet.  They're good and they're still North Carolina.  They have a lot more weapons than we do.  I'm sure we helped their confidence today too, but they're going to be good.  We're going to be better.  Today is one of those days hopefully you learn something from it.  We can learn something from this game, play a little bit better in the next one, then it's worth a try."

On what needs to be improved

"We didn't shoot it well, our shooters weren't looking to shoot the ball early.  Our big guy was trying to take the ball to the basket from 20 feet.   We can't do that.  Our defense did not play all the way through possessions.  We didn't adjust against a bigger, more athletic group of guys in terms of rebounding.  We had to play a lot more zone than we wanted to which means it's very difficult to box out.  Many of their points came off of second-chance points."

On the positives of the game

"Even though we didn't think we played really great, we were still there, in their house."

On congratulating Joel James

"I just congratulated him on being in such great shape and making as much progress as he made.  He's a Florida kid.  I'm really happy for him.  He's in a great home with great coaches and he's going to be a great player."

On shooting poorly

"Most of the time it has to do with the length of the other team.  When you are used to shooting against your own guys in practice and your own guys are 6' 2", 6' 3", 6' 4" and now all of a sudden you are shooting against 6' 8" and 6' 9" it's a lot different.  True height in the game of basketball is length.  When you can recruit the best players in the country, you recruit players with length.  That's what North Carolina does and that's what makes North Carolina, Syracuse, those schools, as good as they are.  Anytime you have to shoot over a long athletic guy, it's very difficult."

On how playing North Carolina will benefit Florida Atlantic

We'll take out the good clips and the things we did well, we didn't do enough good things, we'll take out the things we did well and show them that to let them know that if they can do that against them (North Carolina) then they can do that against more people.



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