Postgame Quotes
Release: 01/05/2014
Postgame Quotes • January 5, 2014
Maryland, 79 North Carolina 70

North Carolina Head Coach Andrew Calder

Opening Statement
"First, again, I want to thank Coach [Sylvia] Hatchell. She's been at a lot of practices lately and she gave the team a great speech yesterday about ACC play. It was really a tremendous speech and I appreciate her help. I want to congratulate Maryland. [They are] a very talented team [and] well coached. I thought they did a lot of good things out on the court. Alyssa Thomas is a tremendous player, but they had more than just Alyssa Thomas too. I thought they had a lot of players that played extremely well. As far as the Tar Heels, we did a lot of good things that we do like. I like the fact that we won the boards over Maryland. That's impressive. There are not a lot of teams that do that and we were one of those. I don't know if anyone else has done it this year, maybe UConn did, but we're very proud of that. We had 22 second-chance points; they had 13. We also held them below 40-percent shooting. That's another thing we did and that's our goal for the year. We had 16 turnovers. They got 20 points off turnovers and we got six. I thought offensively we did not execute as good as we needed to, and that's why we shot 38-percent. I do give Maryland some credit there, but that responsibility falls on me - to make sure we are executing on offense and that we are taking good shots and the right players are taking the shots. We had a great battle back. We were down 18 [and] came back [and] we played hard. We'll learn from this and we'll move on."

On Coach Sylvia Hatchell addressing the crowd at halftime
"That was great and she's been tremendous. I said I think she's been at every practice since we've come back except one. A great crowd tonight and we really appreciate them - the fans coming out and watching a very good basketball game. Two very good teams."

On playing Maryland close despite shooting a low percentage
"Field goal shooting, again, falls back on me. I thought we took some tough shots; I call those shooting turnovers. They are shots that are just very difficult to go in. But we did get to the line 36 times, which is impressive. That means to me that we were attacking. I know they went to the line 23 times but I think we fouled them four or five times at the end, so through the flow of the game they would have gotten to the line 15 times, and us 36. We're 20 for 36 at the line, but we'll continue to work on free throw shooting. We'll continue to work on the open shots we did get."

On missing open layups
"Well we practice those. We practice shooting layups numerous ways, actually. There's like 16 different ways you can shoot a layup. We just need to concentrate on finishing that shot and we work a lot on that. We got pads and we hit them. I'm happy that we got those layups. We may have missed them but I'm excited we got them."

UNC Player Quotes

Latifah Coleman, Jr., G
On her good game against Maryland
"It's not really Maryland, it's just the opportunity to play again. I'm glad I have the opportunity to come out and compete. We compete, that's what we work so hard for is to play this game."

Stephanie Mavunga, Fr., F
On her first ACC performance

"I was nervous a little bit before the game, because it's the first ACC game. As a freshman this is something new. I'd say it's good to have it already over with now. Because now it's not like it's the first time the next time I play an ACC game. So now I know how competitive it is and being a competitor it's tough to take a L, but we have to bounce back and we have to working."

Diamond DeShields, Fr., G
On how she prepared for Maryland

"I took it upon myself to come out with a positive attitude, as a competitor I'm upset that we lost but I'm glad to have gotten that out the way honestly. I had nerves before the game and I usually don't and I think it was because I've dreamt of playing collegiate basketball and now I'm here. It's just time for me to relax and do what my team needs to me do so that we can win games."





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