Pre-Race Q&A With Lianne Farber
Release: 11/17/2012

Lianne Farber will race in the NCAA Cross Country National Championship 6K at noon today. She talked with before her call time about what to took to get to this culminating race.

What does it mean to you to make to nationals as an individual?

It means a lot to me to make it as an individual. Although I would much rather be here with six of my teammates, it makes me feel like all the hard work I put into the season is paying off. Only 38 individuals from the whole country make it into the meet so I feel honored to be one of them!

How is this going to be different for you besides the sheer size of the event?

This meet is going to be different because I have never been in a race with this deep of a field. In all the previous races this season I have been close to the lead or in the lead but this race I don't want to start off too far in the front. It is also strange knowing that my team isn't in it with me, it's just me versus everyone else.

What are your expectations?

I am expecting just to be able to compete with all the top girls in the country. If I can get up towards the front of the race and put up a good fight, I will be happy with myself. My biggest goal is to become an All-American which is top 40 in the race.

You've certainly put in the work all season and in the off-season to get to this point, how does it feel?

It feels awesome! I have given up a lot for this sport and I definitely don't live the life of a typical college student, but when it all comes together like this it just makes me even more committed to success. There is no place I'd rather be than in that race today, and I am so thankful for my coaches, family, and teammates who have helped me get there. GO HEELS!

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