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Fan Q&A With Players
Release: 10/12/2012

by Megan Morketter, UNC Athletic Communications


CHAPEL HILL - Fans were asked to tweet their questions for UNC basketball players to @UNC_Basketball, and GoHeels chose some of the best to ask.

Who is the best at #NBA2K13? And will there be a players' tournament to set the record straight? (from Kevin Bui)


P.J. Hairston: "It's kind of mixed because I've beat Leslie a couple times, Dexter actually beat him a couple times...I think J.P. lost to him. So there's not really a best on the team in 2K13, but if I had to say anybody, in the last 2K, it would be Leslie." On the likelihood of starting up a players tournament, "Once we get in the locker room, I'm pretty sure we will."

Luke Davis: "This is going to cause a lot of drama, but from what I've seen, I know Leslie definitely thinks he is (the best), so I would say Leslie." In regards to the players' tournament, "That's a great idea. I don't see why not. I think we should because there has been a lot of drama in the locker room...real competitive."

Jackson Simmons: "Oh Lord, I'd have to say either Dexter or Leslie. I think there's one (a players' tournament) in the makings, but I'm not sure yet."


Who on the team has improved the most in the offseason and why? (from J.D. Kimball)


Hairston: "I'd probably say Desmond Hubert. Last year he didn't really play a lot because he was playing behind John (Henson) and James (McAdoo) and Z. It was like a learning year for him. I think this year he has a different in pick-up, you can tell he's improved his jump hook and he's working on his shooting more. His shooting has gotten a lot better. I think he realizes that he's going to get a lot of playing time this year, and he's going to have to be a big time player."

Desmond Hubert: "That's a tough question. I'd probably say Leslie. He was injured all last year, and I feel like he did a great job coming back and putting himself in a position where he could contribute a lot to the team this year."


Davis: "I would say Desmond Hubert, right here. He's worked really hard this summer. He's gotten a lot stronger, a lot bigger, and he's really worked on his game. Obviously the pros come in from whatever they are doing during the summer and he (Hubert) got to play against some of the best...Brendan Haywood and all those guys."

Simmons: "Oh goodness...most improved player? Can I phone a friend? Each person has improved since the end of April, and then the freshman have improved daily, since they've been here. I've seen tremendous improvement within myself and within the team these past five or six months."


How has the team chemistry been this offseason? (from Steve Griffin)

Hairston: "It's crazy, because on the court playing pick-up it's like we're enemies, talking junk, but off the court it's like we're a family. We'll probably go get something to eat after pick-up together and act like none of it ever happened."

Davis: "This year it's really good. I think we're all really close. You know, we lost a lot of people last year, so we all kind of came together and understand what we have to do to be successful. I think, definitely, we are a close bunch."

Simmons: "We're very close. We go together like peas and carrots. We're always doing stuff together...going to movies Franklin Street to go eat somewhere. We're always around each other."


What class have you enjoyed the most this fall? (from John Page)

Hairston: "LFIT (Lifetime Fitness)-pilates and yoga."

Hubert: "Sociology 101. She (the instructor) is really good."

Davis: "Sociology 101. It's interesting. I'm thinking about majoring in that."

Simmons: "I have really enjoyed my communication class...public speaking, being able to speak about anything you want to and tell why you believe it's a good thing or a bad thing gives a tremendous sense of power to oneself."

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