UNC-Virginia Postgame Quotes
Release: 02/16/2013

North Carolina Head Coach Roy Williams

Opening statement

"I was really proud of Reggie (Bullock).  The last two days we have tried to cut back his practice time.  He had a flu bug or virus and felt terrible the last two days.  I love the way he competed.  Guarding Joe Harris is not easy.  He can really play; he can really shoot the ball.  You can't let those kind of players stare at you and pull up right in front of your face like we did two possessions in a row.  I love Reggie's effort. Needless to say, P.J. (Hairston) was knocking in some shots, but again the play that I liked was his offensive rebounding more than anything.  James Michael (McAdoo) rebounded for us.  Marcus (Paige) gave us some big plays and kept us in the game early in the game when it was so ugly.  I talked to the team at halftime and a lot of teams will make a half court shot at the end of the half and think that gives them momentum.  Early in the second half we were just hoping they would miss and they helped us by missing a few shots.  In the timeouts I told the team 'let's not try to win this game by hoping they miss, let's try to do a better job of guarding.'  It's hard to say that we did a better job when they shoot 55% for the game, but I think we did.  It's a good feeling right now and we needed to have a good feeling in the locker room after playing at Miami and at Duke in the last few days."

The impact of a smaller lineup but still managing to get rebounds

"That was huge for us today.  One time James Michael shot the ball from the baseline and we had nobody to get the board, and I said, 'Guys, you small guys that like this small lineup, I can not do that if you guys aren't getting to the board when James Michael shoots.  We can't tell him not to shoot.  He can't be our only rebounder'.  So the rebounding part I think is the most crucial part of the game.  For us, two games in a row, P.J. has done a great job on the backboards.  We took a bad shot late in the game from the corner and Reggie got an offensive rebound for us then.  I think both those guys got two offensive rebounds a piece."

On seven players having an assist today and the team sharing the ball

"Fear.  I think our guys are intelligent.  When we play poorly we go back and show it to them on the tape.  If you're not passing the ball, not sharing the ball, you're not going to be a very good basketball team.  Dexter (Strickland) and Marcus set the tone.  Reggie is so unselfish.  We have to play to our strengths and we are better off moving the ball and moving the ball, and then driving to the basket."

Differences between the last game at Virginia and todays game

"We made shots.  It's that simple.  We were getting a couple of stops here and there.  Coaching is overrated.  When you make shots the game looks a lot easier."

On whether Coach Roy Williams will stick with the short lineup

"I don't know, if you score 29 points that's not a very good reason to keep you in the game.  It does give better spacing.  I tell you what I'm proud of Desmond (Hubert).  He played one minute and had 3 deflections and stopped two baskets in one minute.



UNC Player Quotes

P.J. Hairston

On his career-high 29 points

"I'm just being aggressive. I'm in the starting lineup now. I don't get a chance to spectate the other team, but now I just know I have to come out with an intensity to compete against the other team. I just have to find out what the opponent's weaknesses are and contribute."

On the small lineup that the team has been employing

"With us being small, it opens up lanes for drivers and it opens up lanes for the guards to slash. It gives James Michael [McAdoo] one-on-one opportunities with other big men. Obviously, because with him playing the five, a true center is going to be playing against him and he [McAdoo] has the quickness advantage against the other guy."


Marcus Paige

On his confidence

"Yeah, I feel pretty confident. We were playing at home against a really good team so we had to bring it right away. I've had a couple below-average games the last couple games, so I think I just needed to step up a little bit and provide a boost in our play. I think I did a good job of that today."

On the play of P.J. Hairston

"He's playing really well right now. I think that getting the start boosted his energy level and his focus. He's hitting the boards, he's making shots and taking charges. When he plays like that it helps everybody else out and we are a tough team."


Dexter Strickland

On Hairston joining the starting lineup

 "It relieves pressure off of everybody. Just his ability to shoot, get to the rack, and get rebounds. It gives us the opportunity to run fast on offense...The way he has been playing I'm not surprised, but he deserves it. Hopefully we can keep playing like this and continue to win games...[Roy Williams] knew that it would be a mismatch on the offensive end; four men trying to guard P.J. [Hairston] would be a hard decision."

On the need to win this game

"Me and Reggie [Bullock] told the guys that we have to win this game; that this is a mandatory win. Every game is a mandatory win, but this one especially. I think my guys did a great job tonight."



Virginia Head Coach Tony Bennett

Opening Statement

"First, hats off to Carolina and the way they shot the ball and the way (P.J.) Hairston played. I said it was a day for the "H" boys, Joe Harris and Hairston in terms of shooting the ball, you could see it. They hit some shots that were very tough to guard and did a good job. But for us to have a chance to be competitive or successful in this environment, there's a few constants that have to be there. And you just look at the stat sheet and you're ability to first of all, you know, take care of the ball and not turn it over, and then you're ability to one and done them. Keep them off the offensive glass. I think they had 16 points off of turnovers and 13 on the offensive glass. So those are just things where it's got to start, and we were not sound in those areas. They exploited some weaknesses that we had. Started the game well and played it early but got away with how we needed to play in this environment to have a chance."

On P.J. Hairston

"He's been on a tear, I think except for the Duke game, he's been playing terrific, shooting the ball. We tried to use I think it was Justin first and Justin was a little reactive on him. We said they're going to shoot the catch. That's what we talked about a lot building up to this game in our practices, they're going to drive the catch, shoot the catch. That's what they do and if you're not on them, on the catch, and bothering their shots, I mean, if they're hitting them with a hand in the face then okay, but they got too many where we didn't have a hand in the face. And we tried to even lock onto him, but they do have other guys, but he was really good tonight."

On Joe Harris' Early Foul Trouble

"That hurt us. I tried to play Darion (Atkins) in the first half and he was hobbling. He played a little bit more at the end, hopefully that will help him get some confidence. But, because of our injury situation, we're a little thin in the interior spot with Mike (Tobey) being out and Darion not full strength. So, it I think affects us on the defensive end in some ways too."

On Defense

"Offense is going to come and go. You're not always going to shoot it that close, so you better be rock solid defensively. That's what we work on, that's how we prepare. To see that kind of get away from us is something that I think we really have to learn from. Again, a team with this kind of talent though, they have some young guys, they certainly have guys capable, and I think it goes hand in hand. Absolutely you want to play opportunistically, you want to take the right guys' shots when they're there and transition, or open ones, but there is a rhythm that you have to get into of breaking them down and making them work. And then coming down defensively and hopefully being set and in front of them where they have to work too, and it kind of went back and forth."


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