North Carolina 0, UMBC 0 3-2 PKs Quotes
Release: 11/18/2012

North Carolina 0, UMBC 0 (2OT) - 3-2 PKs

NCAA Tournament Second Round - Nov. 18, 2012

UNC Coach and Player Quotes


Head Coach Carlos Somoano's Opening Statement


"I'm very proud that we're able to advance. I thought it was a very tense game. UMBC can really appreciate what they put into the game today - clearly a very strong team. I can honestly say that I can appreciate playing a team like that, no nonsense. They just played their hearts out and gave us everything they could and pushed us to the limit. But I also think that we played extremely well in many parts of the game. It was as good as we've played all year long in our approach to the goal and our speed of play and our closing up and our defending. But we struggled in the final third and couldn't really have the quality that we wanted to break them down. Certainly, you have to give UMBC some credit for that, but we were a little bit rushed too. We could have had a couple extra passes in the final third of the field that would have made a difference and given us a bit more quality. But all-in-all, I'm very proud of our team because they gave it everything they have every time they stepped on the field."

Somoano on what was lacking in the final third


"We just tried to finish the plays too quickly. They were a tough defensive team, so anytime we got in a dangerous area we got excited, 'Oh, finally we're in a dangerous area,' and then we rushed the play. There were probably one or two extra passes that could have been made. We've got to be a little more calm inside those areas of the field. We didn't have that today. We had this wonderful flow and rhythm of play until the final third, and then when we got there we just couldn't change the rhythm or find the pieces to the puzzle."

Goalkeeper Scott Goodwin on his approach to shootouts


"Just like always, my biggest thing is that I just take it one shot at a time. If I get a save on one, you really can't go into the next one thinking any differently. Really, you just step up there and just go at it your hardest every time and make a decision and then just stick with it."

Midfielder Cameron Brown on his confidence in Goodwin during penalty kicks


"Obviously, we've been here for all of Scott's saves in shootouts, so typically when you go up there you know that the other team is going to miss at least one. That's just going off what Scott's done in recent years, so it is a huge help because it takes a lot off you to know that even if you miss you can still be tied because Scott will definitely pull one out for us."

Alex Walters on coming in off the bench to take a penalty kick


"You know going into it that you'll probably have the opportunity to take one, and I'm just glad that my teammates and coaches believe in me and they give me the opportunity to come out here and contribute. Even though I'm not going in in the game, I love contributing any way possible."

North Carolina 0, UMBC 0 (2OT) - 3-2 PKs

NCAA Tournament Second Round - Nov. 18, 2012

UMBC Coach Quotes

Head Coach Pete Caringi, Jr.,'s opening statement


"Obviously, we're disappointed with not getting the result, but I'm very proud of our team. Our stretch run here in the last couple weeks has been amazing. This week alone, to have to go to Old Dominion and then to come down here and play the defending champs and we're penalty kicks away from advancing is a tremendous credit to the group that I have in that locker room. We lost to a very good team, a championship team, so we have nothing to hold our heads down. I'm very proud of these guys and what they've accomplished since they've been here. They put UMBC on the map in soccer."

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