Abbey Frey of the field hockey team was the top overall female performer for the second year in a row.
Abbey Frey of the field hockey team was the top overall female performer for the second year in a row.
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SuperRam & IronRam Winners Announced
Release: 05/04/2013

CHAPEL HILL - The UNC Olympic Sport Strength and Conditioning Department is pleased to announce the results of the 2012-13 SuperRam and IronRam competition.  Each year the Olympic sport athletes train, and compete, for the title of UNC's top female and top male athlete as measured by their athletic development (strength, power, agility, speed, and endurance).

Those that achieve the highest score, quantifying the aforementioned athletic attributes, on an eight-part test battery earn this designation.  The IronRam award is given to the female and male athlete who exhibits the greatest relative strength [(bench press + squat) ÷ bodyweight].


SuperRam and IronRam Individual Awards

The top overall women's performer was Abby Frey (field hockey), winning for a second year in a row, and the men's top athlete was Andy Craven (soccer).  Frey was a repeat winner in the IronRam, as well, with newcomer Dontrevious Ousley (track and field) earning the honor for the men. 

Team Award

Baseball earned top team honors for the men, and the lacrosse team narrowly edged out the field hockey team for the women's title.


Top Individual Performers by Team

Andy Craven - Men's Soccer

AJ Hicks - Track & Field

Chris Munnelly - Baseball

Ryan Kilpatrick - Men's Lacrosse

Alex Utley - Wrestling

Gerard Iervolino - Men's Fencing

Abby Frey - Field Hockey

Hayley McCorkle - Volleyball

Aly Messinger - Women's Lacrosse

Crystal Dunn - Women's Soccer

Aquilla Mateen - Softball

Gina Suarez-Malaguti - Women's Tennis


Noteworthy Performances

Chris DiLorenzo (T&F) broke ALL SPORT Bench Press with 435 lb (previous record-430 lb)

Emily Garrity (WLAX) broke ALL SPORT 20yd Agility with 4.15 sec (previous record-4.20 sec)

Abby Frey (FH) broke TEAM record with 91.3% (previous record-86.3%)

Gina Suarez-Malaguti (TEN) broke TEAM record with 48.8% (previous record-37.6%)

Hayley McCorkle (VBALL) broke TEAM record with 85% (previous record-77.8%)


A complete listing of the results is available here.  A list of the testing standards for both men and women can be found here.

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