Student-Athlete Services Staff Directory
Release: 08/07/2008

Area code 919

Academic Support Program

Michelle Brown, Director of the Academic Support Program, 962-9533,

Greg Beatty, Academic Counselor, 843-5669,

Bradley Bethel, Learning Specialist, 962-2237,

Brent Blanton, Associate Director, 962-9536,

Mike Greene, Academic Counselor, 843-8635,

Jaimie Lee, Academic Counselor , 843-6566,

Beth Lyons, Learning Specialist, 843-6029,

Susan Maloy, Academic Counselor/Tutor Coordinator, 962-9892,

Les Myers, Associate Director, 962-9893,

Kym Orr, Academic Counselor, 843-2425,

Tia Overstreet, Academic Counselor, 843-4400,

Ben Sheu, Assistant Tutor Coordinator, 843-2328,

Jenn Townsend, Associate Director, 962-9538,

Nate Yarbrough, Office Manager, 962-9537,

Tony Yount, Academic Counselor, 962-9535,

Student-Athlete Development

Cricket Lane, Assistant Director of Athletics for Student-Athlete Development, 843-2040,

Dana Gelin, Career Development, 962-0083,

Shelley Johnson, Director of Richard A. Baddour Carolina Leadership Academy, 843-7335,

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